How to Start a WordPress Website

Getting a Mobile Friendly Website Designed

1. Domain Name Registration
The first step in getting your website online is deciding on a suitable domain name, the domain name is the url or web address of your website. BeSavant Web Design can run through the various domain name options that are available to you when you are looking to get a website designed.

If you would prefer, BeSavant Web Design will register your domain name for you or alternatively point you in the direction of a recommended domain name registrar. *

2. Website & Email Hosting
Once you have decided on and have registered your domain name the next step is purchasing website hosting . This is required so that your website can be uploaded and made accessible on the internet. Having website hosting will also allow you to have email addresses associated to your domain, e.g. info@yourdomain.com**
3. Responsive - Mobile Friendly Website Design
Once the domain name is registered and the appropriate web hosting is in place, the next stage is to identify the purpose of the proposed website is and how you want it to look.

We sit down with you in order to get a feel for your business; we look at what you want and we give options on how the requirements can be best achieved.

Once we are clear on the brief we start on the initial design, generally we mock up a static homepage and inner page layout graphic, upload it to our staging server and email the link. The design is reviewed and tweaked until you are happy to progress to the next phase.

Once the design is approved, we start building the page templates and, if applicable, start constructing the Content Management System (CMS). Once the website is ready we hand it over to you to add content and provide on site CMS training if needed. All of our websites are responsive (mobile friendly) which means they adjust according to the users device.

4. Social Media Integration
Social media has become very popular over the last years, and if used correctly, can be a great way to improve traffic to your website. As the majority of social media software is free, it’s an innovative and cost effective way to gain advantage over competitors. However, in order for social media to work it requires time and effort.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn are just some examples of the social media that BeSavant are currently integrating into customers websites.

5. How to Manage your Content Management System ?
You must decide how often you plan to update the website content, if the website is to be updated quite often we recommend that a Content Management System or CMS is added…

A Content Management System or ‘CMS’ is custom designed software that allow you to easily access and maintain the website content. You can login to a password protected administrator area from any browser and edit the content e.g add/edit text, add new images to a gallery, add new products, add new articles etc.

If the website is more of an online brochure which will not be updated frequently enough to warrant a CMS then a website maintenance contract may be more appropriate. We offer blocks different hours, any updates that are subsequently carried out are simply deducted from the block of hours.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an essential part of the process when getting your website designed. Basically, Search Engine Optimisation is the science of equipping a website with relevant keywords & phrases so that the website will be visible in search engines. Our CMS features a SEO module which allow you to access and edit the metatags for each page. This means that you have more control and can keep the metatags current and relevant.
7. Ready to sell online?
Shopping carts can be a great addition to a website and have the potential to offer a new source of revenue to a business. People are much more comfortable with buying online now, and by having a cart on your website you are offering a facility that makes it easy for people to buy your product.

Want to find out more?

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* Domain name registration is a reccurring annual charge.
** Website/email hosting is a reoccurring annual charge.

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