Redesign A Small Business Website: 7 Signs For Redesigning



For any type of business, a website is a private property which is equally important as other factor does. The site owner may not have an idea about ongoing changes in technology. So, their website may lack to attract more customers as before.

This complication can be reduced if a site owner maintains their site. To resolve this problem, we’ve compiled the top 7 signs. These signs will distinguish whether you need to redesign your website or not.

The next section will lead you to the factors and estimation of redesigning cost for a website.

Top 7 Signs that indicate the requirement of a website redesign

Before making any decision regarding your website, first of all, analyse the overall performance and the following points on the site. If you observe any signs on your website, then start planning to redesign a site.

  • Outdated Web Design & Trends

outdatedImage Source: Webstamp

Are you familiar with the new trends in the web design? Well, the recent popular trends are Animated GIF (moving image), Grid Layout, Infinite Scrolling (unlimited scrolling), Typography (adds text with style), Flat Design (2D style with flat colours/gradients), etc.

These trends make a website more interesting and user-friendly. In a simple word, we can say they add good flavours and change the taste of your site. If you find your website dull and tame, then it’s time to revamp your site.

Depending on the purpose of business, design trends may differ. For a precise information, you can consult a professional designer and start redesigning a  site.

  • Absence of Responsive feature


The no. of mobile users are lifting enormously each day. This means desktop users tend to be the mobile users. So, your website must target smartphone users as a targeted audience.

For this, you must ensure a persistent look of your site on all devices (mobile, tablets, iPad, etc.).

Many earlier website lacks this feature and loss the potential clients in a moment.

Responsive design will adapt the size of the site based on the size of the frame/screen.  If you figure out the non-responsive feature, without any delay, it’s better to update a site.

  • Bad SEO strategy

bad-seo-strategyImage Source: BEEASY

A newly updated Google algorithm prioritise high SEO secured site. SEO comprises different factors. However, you can simply analyse the no. of traffic towards your site as a simple approach. If your website is unable to entice high traffic, your site scores low SEO. Then, Google will be unable to crawl your site. This will make your business to suffer in a long term.

To enhance the traffic rate and SEO, you can add suitable content, optimise the content, minify the codes and apply a minimalist design to your website. Then your good SEO strategy will benefit your business.

  • Poor Functionality

poor-functionalityImage Source: Wpcompanion

Whether you’ve examined the functionality of your site or not. But this also indicates the requirement of redesigning. You can check the navigation feature, form fills up and submit, a proper link of CTA (Call-To-Action) button, a proper transaction using payment gateway (for the e-commerce site), authorise login, compatibility with all browsers and much more.

If the end-user finds difficulty in using your site, he’ll visit your competitors. And this is not the case you want, right?

So, ensure the proper functionality of your site for the better performance of your business.

  • Slow Load Speed and High Bounce rate

slow-speed-and-bounce-rateImage Source: Yottaa

Loading speed of a website is yet another factor in determining the ranking of a website in the SERPs. The website with a slow load speed affects the next visit of the potential clients.

Slow load speed and bad content make the visitor leave the site. This will increase the bounce rate of the site. There are many online tools available to measure the load speed and bounce rate of the site. If you observe high load time and high bounce rate, then it’s a high time to redesign your site.

  • Not Integrated with Social Media


Social media keeps people engaged for a long time. The strength of social media includes sharing of the useful information, brand awareness and show the customer concern. Social media engagement will accelerate the conversion rate of the site. So, it’s a high time to integrate a site with social media.

  • Business Extention

Business with high profit and broad customer reach may desire to expand their business area. They may have to handle a large amount of data. In such case, a site with the limited capacity is not feasible. Your business might require a good server with large bandwidth and more scalable site per your need. Also, expansion of a business may through a phase of changing a logo, colour and vision of the company. In this case, reconstruction of a site is mandatory.

These are the signs which show “It’s time to redesign your site”. It’s highly recommended to check all the features and designing of the site in a regular manner. This will not only keep your site on the right track but also, supports the increment of your business revenue.